How to get gum out of hair

14 ways to get gum out of your hair

How to get gum out of hair

Sticking a chewing gum to hair is one of the most common issues that can happen not only to young people, but also to adults. There are several methods of getting the gum out of your hair. However, this may result in hair damage and loss. Therefore, your hair appearance, look and elegance can get affected by such methods.

In this blog post, we have collected fourteen ways onto how to remove chewing gum easily and quickly either for yourself or your child without leading to its spoilage, harm or loss. So no more worry, you can do it and get that gum out of your hair with no significant or bad consequences.

Getting gum out of hair using simple and affordable homemade remedies and ingredients

  • Peanut butter to remove gum from hair

Using peanut butter is another simple possible way to get rid of chewing gum in a painless and smooth way. Peanut butter is rich of fatty substances that are able to remove the gum attached to your hair.

To apply peanut butter, all you need to do is to cover the area completely by a layer of peanut butter, afterwards, its fatty substance reduces the stickiness of the gum and makes it easy to remove.

Wait a few minutes so that butter layer can work and the gum becomes firm and less sticky, then we may gently remove the gum from the hair. Eventually, our hair needs to be thoroughly washed to get rid of any detestable odors caused by the oil or used butter.

  • Vinegar and its efficacy in getting rid of chewing gum
How to get gum out of hair

Vinegar is an ingredient that is found in every home and is vital, as it has multiple uses.

To use it, you simply need to take a towel and soak it in Vinegar

Leave the soaked towel with vinegar on the hair enough time, the longer the period, the better the results. During its application, vinegar dissolves the stickiness and releases the tangles between your hair and the gum. For a better result, vinegar can also be slightly heated before applying it to your hair.

Finally, we uncover our hair and thus remove the towel and comb the area to find that the annoying gum has been successfully removed. Lastly thing, we surely would rinse our hair to get rid of the vinegar smell. That’s it!

  • Ice cubes method in removing gums

The use of ice cubes to get the gum out of hair can be considered as the least demanding and simplest method ever, but it should be mentioned that ice cubes is more effective if the area where gum is attached is a small area.  

You simply need to put ice cubes on the gum area in your hair and leave it for 15 minutes. The gum, during this time, will freeze completely, which reduces the gluiness, and enables us to remove the gum from the hair very simply and without any pain.

Another way to use ice cubes is to wrap hair with a cloth containing a set of ice cubes, yet, direct contact between ice cubes and the gum area can bring about better results;

  • Olive oil and its power to loosen the gum in the hair

Hair is proved to be one of the natural ingredients that can be used to cure a variety of health issues, it can also be used as an effective gum remover for hair. To use it for this issue, you take some oil and apply it to the area in question where the gum is sticky for some time, then try to comb your hair to find that gum has become easy to get out of the hair.

  • Get chewing gum out of the hair by using hair razor:

Everyone is using razors because of its great importance and usefulness in hair care and its growth. In addition to its regular use, razors can also be used t remove gum from the hair in a very simple and easy way.

All one has to do is to sprinkle the gum area with the hair razor and rub it unhurriedly. Then comb your hair using a comb or a toothbrush and you will find that the gum has completely disappeared from the hair. However, you should be careful and keep away from the eye area while using the hair razor to avoid any unwanted consequences.

  • Baking soda powder or soda to remove gum from the hair:
How to get gum out of hair

In this method, you will use baked soda powder as one of the proven ways to get rid of hair-stick gum. Initially we prepare a soft dough to hold by hand by adding a little water to the baking soda powder in a small bowl and mix them well until you get a mixture that is easy to use by hands.

We take a little soda mixture and put it on the gum area in your hair and start massaging smoothly and well, you will find after a few minutes that the gum has turned out to be solid and less sticky and also got mixed with soda paste which will enable you to remove it very easily from the hair without causing any loss or damage. Finally, we wash the hair thoroughly to get rid of the soda paste.

  • The use of alcohol to remove gum from hair

Alcohol can be used to get gum out of one’s hair, as it reduces the stickiness of the gum and increases its firmness, making it very simple to remove. You just need to put some drops of alcohol on the area where the gum sticks.

Otherwise, you may use a soaked towel or piece of cloth in alcohol and then you rub the alcohol into the hair well and comb the hair to get the gum out quite easily.

  • Using petroleum jelly like Vaseline
How to get gum out of hair

Using petroleum jelly to get rid of chewing gum in the hair is more effective for dry hair as it makes the gum less sticky. Apply petroleum jelly to the affected area, then massage the area slightly to allow the petroleum jelly get mixed with gum. After a short period of time, remove the gum by combing the hair or using a toothbrush.

  • Use hair conditioner to get rid of chewing gum:

In addition to its benefits and importance in softening and shinning our hair, conditioner can also be used as a means of loosening the gum sticking to the hair, because it forms a layer of smooth transition between gum and hair, so that it can become easy for us to remove without damaging the hair.

  • Eliminating sticking gum by using toothpaste
How to remove gum from hair

It may sound also strange that toothpaste can be have effective role in removing gum from hair, but it really does. You simply put toothpaste on the gum area, massage it with your fingers to mix it with the gum, then you  leave the toothpaste on the hair until it dries, and then rub it or comb the hair and you will find that the gum is completely removed from the hair.

  • Using Mayonnaise to loosen gum stick to hair

It may sound weird or even funny, but it’s effective! Mayonnaise contains a high quantity of fat that makes its use to get gum out of the hair very effective. You can apply a good amount of Mayonnaise on the are where you have gum.

The mayonnaise should be left for a while on the hair, then we get out the gum by combing the hair or using your fingers, then you should wash your hair completely to get rid of the leftovers of mayonnaise and also its smell.

  • Eliminate gum by dishwashing liquid:
How to get gum out of hair

To every mum whose child comes to her kitchen whining about the gum in his hair, the solution is in front of you! Yes, it is that liquid by which you wash the dish all the time.

Apply as much as you can of dishwashing liquid to you your baby sticky hair. Leave the liquid for minutes to diffuse, then rub and brush hair to remove gum easily. The hair should thoroughly be washed so that you could rinse the remains of the liquid from the hair.

  • Lemon juice effectively loosen the gum
How to get gum out of hair

We can use lemon juice as a resolution to the gum in our hair. You put a enough lemon juice over the area of affected by chewing gum and rub it well.

You need to leave the lemon juice for minutes on the hair, then you comb the hair entirely or use a toothbrush to completely get rid of the gum attached to the hair easily. Then, wash the hair to get rid of any traces or odors stuck in it.

Some tips and recommendations to follow after applying one of the above-mentioned methods

Regardless of the method you used to get gum out of the hair, it is necessary, after getting rid of the gum,  to wash your hair thoroughly to get rid of any leftover, effect, or odor to attain a healthy, strong and attractive hair look.

It is preferable and if not necessary to rub the hair with a clean towel to ensure that it is free of any remaining material in it before washing it well and cleaning it with the used hair shampoo, and rub a second time your hair when you finish washing it.

Things to avoid if your hair is sticky with gum and things to do

Now that you know the different ways to remove gum from hair, here are some precautious to avoid or some preliminary resolutions when your hair is stick with gum:

First,  Do not try to pull out or stretch the gum with your hands, as this may lead to a wide spread of the gum and tangling with the hair in addition to the damage it may cause to the health and appearance of your hair.

Second, you have to cover the area where the gum is attached to prevent the gum from spreading in the hair. Aluminum foil can be used here as it is easy to fold and use as it does not stick to the gum. Also, a band can be used to separate the hair sticking to the gum from the rest of your hair.

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